Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Golden Book – The Last Message “Message To Humanity”

Golden Book - Page 38

The Golden Book – The Last Message “Message To Humanity”

On September 6, 2015
This evening, I received a message from I AM which closes the chapter "Accomplishment" and is also the last message for the Golden Book.

This message of God is addressed to his children, to all of the humanity.

This is the "Message to Humanity":

„My beloved children
and beloved humanity,

The time has come for the Truth to be revealed and it will enthrall you, my children.

In the coming weeks, feel what will be disclosed to you, in your hearts.

The book is closed and the seal of secrecy is opened.

Expect greatness, when the winds of truth surround you.

Now, as this cycle ends, new pangs of birth announces itself.

Bear this time of pain as a mother giving birth to her child would. Be assured of your safety and welfare.

Do not be afraid, for you are my children; now see the light of the world.

The light of the world is my Eternity.

In deep love
for "All-There-Is",
for God,
for I AM

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