Thursday, February 26, 2015

English -- The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Mother Earth Message”

Golden Book - Page 25

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Mother Earth Message”

On February 24, 2015
Today, early morning Marah received a message from Mother Earth for the Golden Book:

Mother Earth:

„Dear ones,
I am Mother Earth that loves you and nourishes you.

Do not fear the time when I will free myself from the stress of the past millennia, it is close, very close.

It will not be as bad as it is written in many of your writings and messages.

These messages have done a great deal to ensure that the Light was safeguarded. But there are still many burdens on and in me.

Therefore, I ask all of you to delve deep into forgiveness. Also ask for forgiveness for your past life on this earth. It cleanses my spirit body and also the body that gives you the ground beneath your feet.

Be in joy, even if it sometimes seems very difficult.

Go into your heart and ask for the energy of Joy. It may not work the first time, but if the Angels realize your intentions, they will help you.

I am your mother and I love you"


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