Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Forgiveness”

Golden Book - Page 24

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Forgiveness”

On February 23, 2015

"Marah" received this morning another message of the I AM, which is very urgent.

„I, the creator of All Beings, am willing to forgive all souls who have denied and ignored me.

I AM the beginning and the end, there is no way past me.

The Prince of Light, my son Jesus, has already gone through fire for you. He has freed you from the Dark Forces, you need only acknowledge. That is the way of it.

I, the creator of All Beings, say to you:

Go in peace in this new era. Do not be afraid. Forgive yourself and everyone who has supposedly inflicted suffering. The time has come, the time of forgiveness is now.

I respect you and your free will. But now the era has passed, when you were able to do what you wanted without feeling the consequences.

This means that the time of "Let's see if...", "I think..." is finished.

From now on you shall be aware that Love is the only way.

Make use of the coming interlude.

I love you.

The increasing clarity of the words of I AM conveys to "Marah" and I that the "time" is fast approaching.

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