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The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Joy”

Golden Book - Page 24

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Joy”

On February 21, 2015


When I published the final message of Chapter 3, I was convinced that there would be no further gifts through I AM for the Golden Book.

The more I was surprised by an e-mail, which arrived at the same time when I published "The Last Time" on the website of the Golden Book.

The e-mail was sent from "Marah" to me. In the e-mail, "Marah" - still overwhelmed by her contact that had happened minutes before - received a message from I AM.

She was told, “You have now been given the task to fill a new chapter of the Golden Book with messages of I AM, as well as from other light beings.

Deep in my heart I immediately felt more, I knew that her statement was true.

We agreed that the next day we would coordinate our phone call for this surprising change for both of us.

Of course, I was very curious to find out more and I asked I AM to give me more information about this wonderful news.

I AM confirmed that "Marah" would now provide the next chapter of the Golden Book and told me the title of this new Chapter 4. It is "The Goal".

"Marah" and I called as arranged on the next day and talked about the content of her first message.

We both felt a very special energy in what I AM now began to convey.

The style of the message has changed. It is now clear, direct, and thus provides a growing urgency.

When I looked back at the previous message "The Last Time" after the phone call, my eyes stopped on the first sentence of the message given by I AM:
"It is now the last time that I will prepare you for the new epoch you see on the horizon".

Only now is the meaning of this sentence is really clear!

I AM has completed our preparations!

A new phase has begun!

Here is the first message of the I AM of the new chapter, obtained from "Marah". The message is addressed to all people:
„Whoever believes in me, in the light of universal Unity and for those who still need guidance, it will be provided.

I AM, today and forever.

The creator of All-Beings tells you today that the dark side has been contained.

Joy will reach Earth.

The light of the world blossoms more and more.

There will be a time of material deprivation, but only for a short time.

Be in joy and serve"
Over the past few weeks, I realized that the individual messages of the Golden Book go deeper than it may appear at first glance.

It is not until the second or third reading, that you will discover hidden details and directions to many destinations.

When I inquired, I was told that the symbolism of the messages is by design.

Although the meaning of individual messages cannot be realized initially, they display deeper meanings when they are viewed in the context of other religious texts and prophecies.

I now understand why a few years ago, I received one of my first messages I have since never forgotten:

"The prophecies are now true!"

The sender was John...

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