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English -- The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “The Last Bell”

Golden Book - Page 38

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “The Last Bell”

On May 23, 2015

In this night and day, I received a new message from I AM  for the last chapter and completion of the Golden Book.

We are approaching this recent message as the end of the chapter, and thus the end of the entire book.
The message is addressed to all people and is entitled “The Last Bell”.
Please remember the message of the Golden Book of 21 February 2015, “The Last Time”.
Here is the very powerful message:

“My beloved children,
Who would have thought thousands of years ago that I, your father, your mother, I, who love so much I
now ask you to commit to these steps:

To purify yourselves, to remind you who I am and who are you?
Yes, it is now My will that I proceed to stop time and to create paradise.
Everything I did, to give you happiness, has been disregarded; you have forgotten me in this beautiful world you call Earth.
Surely, my patience is at an end, the garden is newly tilled and the fruits, harvested..
Who are the fruits, you might ask?
There are those who have managed to grow in the darkness and to see the light of day that is I.
It is a shock so great that you will sink in awe at the power of this event.
It is the awe of yourselves that makes you pray.
So now for sure, that I will listen to you, I, who live deep in your heart, I, who gave you life, so that you may recognize your magnificence.
Be awake, my children and wait for that one moment of return to the Garden of Love in the Kingdom of Heaven.
The garden is dug up and it is newly sown.
It is your wish, it is my will
For Eternity
Amen. “

I AM sent me this message with a sense of “loving care for his beloved children” for now dawns a new era.

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