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English -- The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “The Threshold”

Golden Book - Page 33

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “The Threshold”

On March 11, 2015
All thru the night, the mighty stream of energy continues to rise. Again and again I am awakened up by the strong vibrations that seem to capture every cell of my body.
At 4:00 clock in the morning, I get a new message from I AM for the Golden Book. It is titled “The Threshold”:

„My Children,
let us go on a great adventure!

Anyone who thinks as this, will received joy.
Anyone who loves this, will receive the light.
Anyone who moves forward, undaunted, will achieve victory.

Who is incredulous, will stumble.
Who is fearful, will see the darkness.

Do you understand?

It is now your choice to take this step, over the threshold, behind which lies a New Era.

It is you, who climbs into the sky, when the door opens for you.

So be it

In all eternity
Note: significance of today's message

As today's message of the I AM is different than all the previous messages, I would like to elaborate on it and to go back a little.

There are people who have no relation to the "Golden Book", have no interest in the individual messages. It does not fit, approximately, in their personal worldview.

While others read the messages, however, are not so concerned, since the information contained therein for them is irrelevant or simply not be considered.

On the other hand, there are readers who recognize for themselves a deeper meaning of the messages. Whose meaning will occur to them after the second or third reading.

These people begin to investigate, try correlations with other messages and prophecies of different cultures and faiths as well as predictions in ancient religious writings to do research.

Some of these readers identify signs that to them, step by step - or for them at first glance, hidden layers are revealed.

Dealing with the "Golden Book" so as to "consume" the messages coming in fast, to discern in the background, context, meaning and personal reflection, may overwhelm. And everything is fine the way it is.

Today's message is different!

For the first time I AM has drawn in a message, clearly and in no uncertain terms, your attention to a particular section of the mIssive!

Why did God emphasize - if we want to use the Christian name of I AM - this passage?

Previously, I AM used the means of repetition to highlight certain aspects and to emphasize their importance.

Today it refers directly to the first part of the message!

Every reader will feel whether this message is important for him...

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