Saturday, March 21, 2015

English -- The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Update: Short Message”

Goldenes Buch - Seite 36

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “Update: Short Message”

On March 21, 2015
During the night I was awakened and given a brief but powerful message from I AM that is related to the Golden Book. The message is:

"Be ready!

The minute is near, at the sound of the chime!

Be ready!"

Immediately after that I went back to sleep and experienced a very realistic dream in which this message was eliciting a reaction from a reader whom I did not know.

He reacted fearfully to this message and asked me how could I publish such a message. "It's scary and there is no love." In the dream, I was aware what was at stake here. This involves unresolved fears of individual readers. As gently as possible I tried to point out to him that he should once again read the Golden Book, message by message and to reflect on it and internalize it..

Commenting on today's message:

The Golden Book includes a direct reference to page 32 and page 43.

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