Wednesday, March 18, 2015

English -- The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “The Painting”

Golden Book - Page 35

The Golden Book - Messages for Humanity - “The Painting”

On March 17, 2015
At night, I woke up and received another message from I AM for the Golden Book. It is titled "The Painting":

„My Children,
lean back and look at yourselves and at the work that you created.

Is it not beautiful?

Keep for one moment, the joy felt, when viewing your artwork.

You are the creator of a painting that is unparalleled!

Consider your artwork as a complete painting, rich in colors, tones, and light.

It shines and sparkles, bringing you to tears for its beauty.

It is done!

Now enjoy it, in all its glory.

It is you yourself who you now consider; with your beauty, that will stand forever.

I rejoice to see you, you who are my beautiful bride!


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